Clash of Clans

Welcome to Integrity HQ!

We’re glad you decided to join us. Just a reminder of our (few) rules:

  • integrity-hqBe courteous to others and no foul language.
  • Please read troop requests and only donate what is asked. If you are asking for war troops, please be specific and ask for max troops. If you are asking for regular raiding troops, please don’t ask for pekkas or dragons etc. We’ll give you the best troops we have cooked.
  • We are a war clan. While you can opt out if needed, staying in the clan without contributing to war is frowned upon.
  • We normally ask that new members sit out the first war or two. This allows you to see how we operate during war and ensures you feel comfortable being a loyal clan member before we put you in war.
  • We won’t kick you for not doing well in war. We do ask that you listen to feedback from the elders and leaders and bring your best army and effort to war. If you continually miss war attacks, you will be kicked out.
  • Elder is earned by being helpful to others, not missing war attacks, and donating troops.
  • Don’t rush your upgrades. While we have no rules about how much should be upgraded before upgrading your TH, rushing hurts you and the clan.

War Advice

1. Troop requests

Be specific in your requests for troops when attacking for war.

For example: “Max giants” or “War troops: L4+ Pekka.”

Request something that will help your specific army.

Likewise, if you see a request for specific war troops DO NOT fill with anything else unless you check with the requester first. For example, “I only have L3 Pekka, do you want that?” Otherwise, while you may feel you are helping, you actually hurt their attack because you gave them troops that were too weak or not helpful.

2. War army

Build the best army you can for your attack.

If you only have barbarians built, use that on a regular raid, then come back and build a war army.

  • If you are TH6 and below that will likely be Giants, Wizards, and Archers.
  • If you are TH7 and early TH8 you are best off using all Dragons.
  • If you are high TH8 and low TH9 you should consider Golems, Wizards and Pekkas (GoWiPe)
  • If you are high TH9 and above, use the stongest army you have that matches up best against the layout.

3. Don’t mix ground with air

It can be tempting to mix dragons/balloons with Giants and Wizards, but you have a major issue. Your ground troops have to defeat walls, mortars and canons. Your air troops have to defeat Archer Towers and Air Defenses. If you have to defeat both, you will not have enough troops. You make it hard for yourself. Instead, pick ground or air only. If you use ALL dragons then you don’t have to worry about walls, canons, mortars or Barbarian Kings.

4. Pull the Clan Castle Troops

Send a barbarian/hog as close to the enemy’s Clan Castle as possible. This will draw out the troops. Once they are close together, you can drop a lightning spell on the center of them or use a poison spell. If you don’t have these, then you need to draw them to the corner of the base, away from defenses, and surround with archers or wizards to kill them. If you do not kill them first, they will make easy work of killing your giants, golems etc. Remember, giants and golems do not defend themselves, so they will just keep attacking defenses while getting killed by enemy CC troops.

However, if you use all dragons, you do NOT have to pull the CC troops. The dragons will just melt them easy enough. ;-)

Here is a video that someone created to demonstrate pulling troops:

5. Who should you attack?

Your “Recommended Target” is just a suggestion. In fact, 3 other clan mates may be given the same suggestion. Your first attack should be one down from your number. If you are #7, your first attack should be against #8. You have 12 hours to get your first attack in.

If you get 3 stars on your first attack, then look to attack higher on your second attack. If you get 0 or 1 star on your first attack, then you need to attack lower on your second. Please give your fellow clan mates the chance to get their first attack in, before making your second attack on their target.

Also, please do not overlook those bases that need extra stars. Don’t attack a base too high just because it is the next one that has not had any stars on it. If a base has 2 stars already, and you think you could get 3 stars, then attack it. We would much rather you add one extra star than attack too high and get just 10% and zero stars.

6. Discuss your second target

Please let others know your second target a few minutes before you attack. This give others a chance to discuss it with you, let you know if they too were about to attack that same target, and watch and cheer along with your attack.

If more than one person wishes to attack the same target, please speak to the leader or a co-leader for assistance.

7. Your War Base

Your war base should be designed so that your Town Hall and Clan Castle are in the center. You should then surround with your mortars/air defenses, then wizard towers, then archer towers, then other buildings. Anything that cannot be fit inside the walls should be flush to the outside of the walls.

Remember, you do NOT lose any gold or elixir when attacked in war. Yes, your opponents get a small amount, but that comes from Clash of Clans NOT your supplies. There is no need to protect your storages in your war base.


Things to consider:

  • Most troops attack the nearest building. If you want your troops to go to the center of a base, you have to clear a path so they don’t go wondering around the outside of a base.
  • Spells should be dropped just ahead of where you expect your troops to go next. If you drop directly over the top of them, they will move out of the spell’s range too quickly.
  • You must protect your Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Wizards or Archers from being killed too soon. Do this by sending Giants or Golems first. Defenses will lock on to these first. Your wizards will then last longer.