You don’t always have to like what you Like

20130915-121544.jpgI have a confession.

I don’t always literally like your post that I’ve Liked on Facebook. Often I do really share in your excitement, but occasionally I do not.

So why do I hit Like anyway?

Because YOU are excited about it and, as your friend, I am happy for you. I Like it because you like it.

Try it for yourself. Try Liking something on Facebook just because you see that your friend is excited about a) their kid’s achievement, b) their vacation photo, c) their new blog post or…[fill in the blank]. You don’t have to Like everything they post, but it’s easy to tell which updates they’ve shared because they want you to join in their excitement.

If you can’t bring yourself to Like some exciting news that your friend has shared, then perhaps you need new friends. :P

PS. I’m going to share this on Facebook, but you don’t have to feel guilted into Liking it. ;)